Our parents, our people, our nation, our sisters and brothers, our comrades, sons and daughters of AZANIA, inalienable owners and inhabitants of our Land.

The year 2016 was downright more painful for the majority of us than we deserved.

We do not always deserve the best. For often times, we are our own enemies. History, for example, will never forgive us for handing back our own freedom and liberation on a platter to the colonialists, racists and , white settler-minority regime. Of course one must add: with the collusion of the black comprador bourgeoisie under the leadership of the African National Congress and its homeland allies. In short, the ANC sold us out and we all colluded and should, therefore, take collective blame.

This year, 2016, for a considerable while, a solitary figure, in the person of the public protector, advocate Thuli Madonsela, kept the hopes of the nation alive. AZAPO and the BCM family, knows that the nation was most grateful and so are we.

The weight and gravity of corruption and the rot that the so-called national democratic revolution under the patently corrupt ANC government exhibited caused all to pale into insignificance. From state departments, to state enterprises, to parliamentary committees and formations, to ruling party leadership structures, to erstwhile respectable comrades and revolutionaries- there is no limit. It’s been a national tragedy.

It’s been no basis for jubilation or source of happiness for those of us with a sense of history and understanding of the implications for the black nation. The Black Consciousness Movement has never celebrated the downfall of any part of the black nation and is not about to do so now.

From a revolutionary perspective, though, the year 2016 has been a great year.

This year Oscar Pistorius was confirmed as the spoiled white brat he was and his jail sentence dealt a blow to sexism

This year comrade Jacob Zuma found out that South Africa is a constitutional democracy – however deceptive the white western liberal democratic concept is – and not a personal fiefdom

This year impunity was subjected to scrutiny in such a way that the State Enterprises were reminded they are not a law unto themselves and their deployees are not God.

This year the SABC Board was finally reminded that party political loyalty , especially of non-descript nonentities of no struggle background, will not last over against the need for integrity and the commitment to realizing the noble goals of freedom and liberation

This year the truth, even in the hands of reactionary forces of the status quo like the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the tongues and throats of populism such as the rest of unhappy masses, redefined politics and announced the smell of coffee to the complacent historical forces.

This year our country finally got a taste of the revolution that never happened; or shall we say that was betrayed so complacently; when students in general and black students in particular unapologetically put their finger on the nub of the problem: coloniality and empty political promises.

It was no mistake that the ideological fuel that propelled the struggle of the #FeesMustFall students was Black Consciousness and Pan Africanism. It is also no surprise that the reaction of the State was so violent and brutal. It was Africanism and Black Consciousness that delivered turning points in the political history of South Africa historically. The #FeesMustFall movement learnt the hard way that talking Black and acting black is and will not be tolerated by a colonially captured State.

And so fellow Azanians, 2017 is the year of the rescue of the revolution not the remaking of failed parties. It is the year of black people. To that extent it is the year of Black Consciousness. No other outlook; no other attitude; no other state of mind; no other way of life will deliver the revolution that our people so yearn for and will once again lay their lives down for.

Let us repeat the call we made last year. Let us return to the sources; to our people, to their aspirations, to things Black and things African; back to the revolution.

On behalf of AZAPO and especially the leadership of AZAPO I wish you 2017 full of commitment and achievement and rededication to the ideals of socialism without which the forms of barbarism that we have witnessed this year will entrench themselves

End of Statement

Issued by President of AZAPO, Professor Itumeleng Mosala

For Media Enquiries Please contact

Thabiso Mofokeng

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