Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO)


a) The Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) is a Black Consciousness Student organisation drawing its membership from Universities, Universities of Technology and Colleges (Nursing, Agricultural, Education, Technical).

b) It was founded in 1990 on a resolution of the Azanian Student Movement (AZASM). The Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) is the official student wing of the Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO), which is the only authentic flag bearer of black consciousness in Azania.

c) It was officially launched at the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) in April 1991.


a)  To create a forum for Black Students to articulate and to express their aspirations as part of the Black people.

b) To mobilise, politicise and unite students around the liberatory ideology of Black Consciousness.

c)  To encourage the involvement of the students in problems facing their communities, as well as those facing the Black people in general.

d) To work towards a nation-building educational system which will instill a sense of creativity, identity and self-reliance amongst the students of AZANIA.

e) To work towards the total transformation of the present system in this country, and the ushering in of an anti-racist, Socialist Republic of Azania.


a) Members of the Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) are encouraged to actively participate in the following projects, particularly in the impoverished settlement areas.

i) Self Help Projects to advance communities,

ii) Matric Enrichment Programmes,

iii) Anti-Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Campaigns,

iv) Literacy and Health Awareness Projects,

v) Leadership Training Seminars and Workshops.


a) Criticism and self-criticism

b) Democratic Centralism

c) Collective Leadership

d) Recall and Active Participation

e) Black Student-Worker Solidarity


a) Student Representative Council (SRC) that represents interests of the student body,

b) Academic and Black Excellence in all institutions across the country,

c) Free decolonized Quality Education for all,

d) Non-exclusion of Students on Financial grounds,

e) Higher Education that breaks the barriers and stereotypes created by apartheid racist education system,

f) Higher Education that allows Graduates freedom to pursue careers of their Choice,

g) Students Access to Resources and Facilities that enables Students to realize their true potential,

h) Higher education that is geared towards Economic Emancipation of the Black people in general and working class in particular for the development of the economy of the country.


a) Are you a registered Student at University, University of Technology, Nursing College, Agricultural College and TVET Colleges in the Southern tip of Africa – Azania; and prepared to join Student struggles against: –

i) Financial Exclusions,

ii) Abuse of power by some Student Leaders in SRCs,

iii) Abuse of power by some employees in Management,

iv) Abuse and wastage of Institution resources,

v) Poor learning and teaching environment,

vi) Sexual Abuse of Female Students by some Student Leaders & Academic Staff,

vii) Alcohol and Drug abuse by some Students in the Campuses and Residences,

viii) Sexual Abuse of Female Students by some Academic Staff in return or exchange for Marks and/or Diplomas/Degrees,

ix) Sexual Abuse of Female Students by some older Men from nearby Communities through the abusive blesser-blessee relationship,

x) Poor security management on campuses and residences, which results in making Students more vulnerable to criminals and thugs,

xi) Poor Students Accommodation, Facilities, Properties and exploitation of Students by some Landlords,

xii) Nepotism and Corruption in the campuses,

xiii)  Victimisation of Students, Activists and workers.

b) The Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) is the alternative student organisation in your campus to join. If there is no official branch of the Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) in your campus, recruit at least 100 registered Students from various faculties and schools to join the Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO).


a) The Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) supports free and active participation of Students in all institution activities, which include the elections of the Student Representative Council (SRC).

b) However, for the Student Representative Council (SRC) to enjoy Student body legitimacy, at least 66% of registered Students (eligible voters) must participate in all SRC elections.

To print and read pdf version, please click this link to download This is AZASCO and distribute in your campus.

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