AZAPO offers condolences on the passing of Comrade Clarence Makwethu

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AZAPO offers condolences on the passing of Comrade Clarence Makwethu

Johannesburg – 3 April 2016: The President of the Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO), Professor Itumeleng Mosala, today joined the multitudes of South Africans mourning the passing of Comrade Clarence Makwethu who passed away at the age of 88.

Professor Mosala said, “The passing of Comrade Makwethu represents more than just the passing of a stalwart who was brave, courageous and fearless in fighting for South Africa to be liberated from the brutal system of apartheid. His passing represents the loss of that calibre of men who were prepared to put something bigger than themselves ahead of their personal ambitions.”

“In the current environment in South Africa, men and women such as these are sorely needed, people who are prepared to put South Africa and its people first.”

“Comrade Makwethu fought for a country where the people of our country would be free from oppression, he fought for a country where all the people of our country would be able to share the country’s resources to have meaningful lives. The country he leaves behind must have broken his heart. A country where the education being provided to our children is merely perpetuating the legacy of apartheid, where our healthcare system is crumbling, where unemployment is at untenable levels, where our people must take to the streets in violent action for their pleas to be heard and noticed, and one where the those elected to lead the country are found to have violated its highest law and still remain in office.”

“More fundamentally a country where the land has not been returned to its rightful owners, who remain marginalised in the land of their forefathers”

“I urge all South Africans to use the example of Comrade Makwethu to rise up now and fight for justice and freedom. The forthcoming Local Government Elections offers each of us to do this. This is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Let us stand up for the country!”

“To the family, the PAC and loved ones of the late Comrade Makwethu, we offer our deepest condolences and sincere appreciation for his contribution to the country we now live in. We share in your mourning and grief and pray that time will bring some relief from your deep heartache,” concluded President Mosala.
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