AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 36


As a matter of principle, AZAPO Voice rarely comments on the developments in other political parties. But when the inner workings of a political party impact on the functioning of government, we have to make an exception and express a view.

It is in this context that AZAPO Voice enters the fray in the upheavals of the Democratic Alliance (DA) that saw Johannesburg City mayor Herman Mashaba announcing his resignation from the DA and also as mayor of the economic hub of Afrika’s biggest economy. His resignation was followed two days later by those of DA party leader Mmusi Maimane and its federal chairperson Athol Trollip, a move that plunged the DA into a leadership crisis.

For an average resident of Johannesburg, the takeover of the Metro from the ANC to the DA has meant little change. Just like under the ANC rule, residents experienced above inflation increases of rates, water and electricity tariffs under the DA-led administration. Just like it was the case under the ANC, the city continued to decay despite lofty pronouncements to the contrary by the mayor. The demon of corruption and poor service continues to hover over the Johannesburg Metro, just as it did under the previous administration.

So, in reality the residents have nothing concrete for which to celebrate the Mashaba administration. And therefore, they have no reason to mourn Mashaba’s early exit from the political scene. To a large extent, the DA and the ANC are different sides of the same coin. Both have contributed to growing the gap between the rich and poor in the country. And in our context, the majority of the rich are white and the overwhelming majority of the poor are Black.

One Johannesburg daily newspaper had an editorial opinion titled: “DA deals non-racialism fatal blow.” Really? What this headline exposes is the fact that the DA had almost perfected its “non-racialism” lie. Of course, for us even who subscribe to the principle of anti-racism, “nonracialism” falls far below our liberatory goals.

Sadly, some gullible people had been hoodwinked into believing that because the DA had a non-white person as party leader, the party had shed off its racist character. What a lie!

The DA is a party of white people. In a cleverly thought-out strategy to attract Black people to vote for the party, the party accepted Maimane as its first non-white leader. What Maimane did not fully appreciate was the fact that the white value system of the DA had to remain intact. He failed to understand that his role was to bring Black voters and not to start championing the interests of Black people as he pretended. That was his cardinal sin.

The bitter truth about aspirant whites and people who sometimes forget that they are Black is that white people will always remind these people that they are Black.  Mashaba used to be extremely dismissive of the race characterisation, even dissing Affirmative Action. But the racists within the DA have reminded him that he is not white. Despite his relentless efforts to be embraced by whites, they have rejected him and in the process turned the coconut Mashaba into a pseudo radical Africanist.

The developments of the past few days have served one thing – to expose the DA for what it is. The DA is a party of white people. Period. Yes, its leaders know that they do need non-whites’ votes. But that is all. The interests of whites are supreme. And in a case where white interests are under threat, the DA would opt to protect them even at the expense of losing the non-white votes.

AZAPO coined the slogan long ago “phansi nga mabhunu asithandayo” (down with the whites who love us). The profound message was that Black people should never be fooled by white liberals who appear to be interested in the struggles of Black people. Beneficiaries of a system are unlikely to be the architects of its downfall, hence the call by the Black Consciousness Movement that “Black man you are on your own”. The message of self-reliance and the commitment to be the masters of our own destiny is relevant today as it was 40 years ago.

Black people should stop expecting whites to do things that Black people should do for themselves. Black people should use their numbers to render white people irrelevant in general and the DA in particular. We have to understand that Black Power is part of our journey just as much as it is our destination where we will start a new journey.

If there is anything good that came out of the developments in the DA over the past few days is that the whites within the DA have exploded the myth that their party is for all people in the country. The DA has rudely reminded both Mashaba and Maimane that they are not white and should either accept the white supremacy ideology in the party or “the door is open”.


In AZAPO and the Black Consciousness Movement we always make it clear that we are not anti-white, but pro Black.

We derive this attitude from our philosophy of Black Consciousness, which is our guide to our theoretical discourse and revolutionary action.

What distinguishes AZAPO from other political organisations is our having a philosophy that informs our entire being as a revolutionary movement. 

AZAPO‘s Political Programme is careful not to absolutely and blindly rely on research. To conduct political action because research says so is to run the risk of deviation from the Political Line.

As we have indicated, AZAPO‘s guide to action is Black Consciousness. The questions we ask to guide that action are based on our philosophy and ideology, both of which are Black Consciousness. Socialism addresses the class angle of our liberation struggle.

If you wonder how has AZAPO remained principled despite the hardships of struggles that can easily compromise a revolutionary movement, the answer is to be found in always keeping our Black Consciousness in our hand as an ideological compass.

This ideological compass helps us to avoid ideological off-ramps that can force us to use convenient and misleading language where we claim we have “fought black and white domination” when no Black domination has ever taken place in Azania.

Black Consciousness places AZAPO at all times on the side of the oppressed and exploited people. That is the side of Black people, the owners of the land. We never try and conveniently rainbow out of this political and ideological commitment of standing on the side of Black people.

AZAPO stands with the landless people who have been dispossessed of their land. Those are Black people.

We stand with those whose fruits of their labour are stolen by captains of industry and paid peanuts in return. That is the Black working class whose revolutionary leadership should lead us to the attainment of a democratic socialist worker republic of Azania.

AZAPO stands on the side of women, particularly Black women, in a world where both patriarchy and racism gang up against Black women and reduce them to perpetual minors without any voice or dignity as human beings.

AZAPO stands with those who have had to endure the State violence and humiliation of homelessness. Those are Black people.

It is not a matter of choice that AZAPO is pro Black. The political circumstances have positioned AZAPO to be an organic development that sprang out of the aspiration and efforts of Black people to fight for liberation and the reconquest of their land. AZAPO‘s full name – Azanian People’s Organisation – describes this organic and living relationship with the people.

The Black Consciousness philosophy which is our ideological guide to our execution of the struggle is itself a way of life and an attitude of mind of the Azanian people. BC is an expression of  unconditional and undying love to Black people.

That unconditional and undying love means that you can never claim to subscribe to BC and injure Black people at the very same time. That means there was never any BC in you from the onset. You harbour no unconditional and undying love for Black people.

AZAPO has always called for the totality of involvement of Black people in the cause to liberate the Azanian people and means of creating wealth from the racist grip of the white tribe. Out of that Black Solidarity springs Black Power.

It is that Black Power that is a weapon through which we can defeat the enemy of the Azanian Revolution and march to victory.

As products of Black Consciousness, Black people have no political home but AZAPO. To stray into the political makeshifts that appear glamorous is to delay the liberation of Black people and the repossession of the land.

Let us all push the bandwagon to the final line of victory. Join us. “Sishov’ ingolovane; gibela“.


That time has come. We are now at the end of the 2019 academic year. And AZAPO Voice takes this opportunity to wish the best to all those learners who will be sitting for their examinations, particularly those in Grade 12.

Grade 12 final examinations mark the culmination of the journey you undertook for the past 12 years, or so. There is no doubt that it has not been an easy experience to most of the learners as learning continues to be an obstacle-ridden path to a lot of our children. They continue to struggle with school accessibility and inefficient resources to go through the learning process unhindered.

Violence in schools and outside did not make this an easy period to most of the learners. They went through very difficult periods during their 12-year journey. Nevertheless, our children are now at the end of this school journey, and have to do their best to ensure that the sleepless years they spent were not in vain.

We admire the determination and perseverance shown throughout this period as we are living in the most demotivating times as the people of this country. The unemployment rate continues to rise, and most disturbing is that even those with tertiary qualifications are affected. A very disturbing trend because you must unfortunately be asking yourself if it is worth it.

The government continues to show very little interest in our wellbeing. But what we need to know is that we cannot give up and throw hands in the air. Education is an important instrument that we have at our disposal to salvage what is left of this country as we continue our struggle for total liberation of our people.

Therefore, AZAPO Voice appeals to all those who will be sitting for these examinations, to give it their best shot as they are now here against all odds. The determination and perseverance shown against adverse conditions that our children passed through must be enough fuel to see them do well in their studies. Getting down to learn and obtain a qualification and skills constitutes another form of struggle we have to wage with vigour.

We rely on each and every one of our learners to build a capable society that will pull us out of the difficulties our country has been plunged in by corrupt politicians who do not have the interests of the nation at heart.

Sadly, some of your fellow learners you travelled with fell by the wayside. And you now have the national responsibility to pick up the baton and ensure that the race is successfully completed. Only knowledge can ensure that your mind is not manipulated and controlled. Give it your best shot and go all the way despite the many challenges you are faced with.

Our journey towards the rebuilding of a free and just society depends on us having adequate human resources; and this can be achieved if each and every one of those who will be sitting for these examinations do so with the full knowledge that Azania needs them.

We also wish to extend our sincere revolutionary gratitude to all the teachers who literally carried the learners up to this juncture. We say, your contribution did not go unnoticed. Despite the challenges, you continued to guide our children up to this level. We know the pride you will harvest out of the good results.

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