AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 9 – Elections Special Edition





AZAPO presents to the patriots and citizens of our country, its 2019 Election Manifesto. There are two things that our country and our people wish for as we approach elections: HOPE and CHANGE.

HOPE that things will not go from bad to worse, as we have seen in the last 5 years; and CHANGE from the poor governance and theft of public resources that we have witnessed for the past 24 years. Our people are calling for CHANGE. They want an end to corruption, deepening poverty, continued landlessness and worsening unemployment

Our people also want to be given HOPE. They want to be assured that the quality of education given to their children will not be compromised, the provision of medical services in hospitals and clinics will not deteriorate, jobs for the youth and adults who are unemployed will be created, and that good governance will be maintained and achieved.

Through this Manifesto, we are Giving our people Hope, and we seek to Force Change in government on 08 May 2019.

AZAPO, your party of liberation and for democracy, has given you brave and honoured martyrs and leaders such as Steve Biko, Onkgopotse Tiro, Mthuli Ka Shezi, Motlalepule Kgware, Dr Abu Baker Asvat, Mapetla Mohapi, among many other beautiful sons and daughters of this land who fought for freedom. You can trust AZAPO to defend this democracy, which they fought for.

AZAPO asks you to exercise your democratic right to vote in an informed, patriotic and responsible manner in 2019. AZAPO requests you to bring an end to State Capture, load shedding and the abuse of our prosecutorial and policing services to protect criminals and those who have stolen from the people.

AZAPO is a credible party – a liberation movement – that has fought for more than 50 years since the founding of the Black Consciousness Movement, on the side of Black people, in pursuit of justice, democracy and freedom.



This Manifesto represents what AZAPO believes are the urgent and immediate tasks that a future government, after the 08 May Elections should attend to. This will be done in order to save our country from the scourge of State Capture, misgovernance, corruption, load shedding, the poor provision of public and social services like water, electricity and sanitation, which we have witnessed for the past 24 years.

Our Manifesto is also a programme of action on how to end unemployment, poverty and landlessness, among the Black poor majority of AZANIA.

It is framed by our long-held values of Democracy, Equality and Unity, which inspired the Black Consciousness Movement from inception, encapsulated in our rallying cry ONE AZANIA, ONE NATION.

AZAPO remains steadfast in pursuit of these liberation and democratic ideals. The Manifesto and the 20 points highlighted in it, give further expression and detail on the policies, goals and implementation elements towards their attainment

On Our Historical Political Demands:

Black Power, Land and Labour

On Black Power and the Restoration of Our People’s Dignity, AZAPO calls for the outlawing of racism and the Upliftment of Black People through special policies and measures, so that they too can enjoy our democratic gains and national life, after centuries of deprivation and neglect.

The Land and its Wealth are pressing and fundamental issues that AZAPO wants to be addressed, in order to eliminate poverty and inequality. The repossession of our land was always a strong basis upon which the struggle for freedom was anchored.

AZAPO is resolute on ushering in a Socialist, Democratic and Progressive order. To this end, the Black Working Class remains to AZAPO, the primary motive force for social and economic transformation.

Socialism – the ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange by the working classis the only practical and viable way to build an equal and productive society, free of racism and capitalist exploitation of workers.

The Manifesto crystallizes AZAPO‘s position on the Black Working Class, Workers and our Labour Policy. We will support trade unions and the system of collective bargaining. AZAPO will also ban labour brokers.

Education, Science and Technology

AZAPO stands for Quality Education, Investment in Black Education and supports the call for Free Decolonised Education.

Our Manifesto advances Free and Compulsory Education from Grades 8-12, and greater funding and grants to realise free higher education. AZAPO also supports the standpoint of the Fees Must Fall Movement for the Decolonisation of Education.

Our movement will mainstream Science, Technology and Innovation in its national development agenda. The creation of a science and technology value chain, which starts from cradle to grave, will be the hallmark of our science and technology policy.

The Manifesto also meets the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things.

The Economy, Building Industries,

Job Creation and Youth Employment

On the economy, AZAPO commits to prudent macroeconomic management as a key objective of its development, growth and redistribution policy. AZAPO‘s economic strategy will put emphasis on industrial development and the growth of labour intensive sectors such as agriculture, agro processing, manufacturing and beneficiation of minerals.

As part of AZAPO‘s job creation strategy, the Manifesto lays accent on development of new and big industries, as well as support for small businesses. Youth unemployment is reaching crisis proportions in our country, with an estimated 52% of our young people unemployed. Our job creation strategies will be primarily focused at getting our youth into jobs.

Combating Crime, Drugs and Corruption

Crime is a serious concern for all in our country. Many of our citizens feel unsafe and vulnerable to criminals.

AZAPO will tackle crime with all the vigour and power at its disposal. These plans are laid out in the Manifesto. These include among others, better crime intelligence gathering, more ground and mobile patrol units in communities, including undercover policing.

AZAPO‘s crime strategy also addresses itself to immigration control, fighting drugs, human and woman trafficking, as well as the expanding illegal trade in counterfeit goods.

The Manifesto once again reiterates our long-standing call to Make South Africa Gun Free.

AZAPO re-affirms its belief that guns are a major cause of the violent crime in our country. Outlawing the carrying of guns by civilians will go a long way in reducing violent crime in our society, such as murder, rape, car hijackings, robberies and cash in transit heists.

Socio-Economic Issues

AZAPO supports the introduction of a Basic Income Grant as a policy to fight poverty and inequality, and as a wealth redistribution mechanism. The Basic Income Grant is a developmental strategy that will help the unemployed to become economically active. It will also contribute in the achievement of the goal of economic and social inclusion.

Our Manifesto also addresses itself to a number of socio-economic policies, such as fighting patriarchy, eliminating gender based violence and the advancement of women. AZAPO will work to eliminate income inequalities between women and men.

AZAPO will fight diseases and pandemics like HIV Aids and TB as stated under Health, Environment and Climate Change in the Manifesto. This section also binds AZAPO to Climate Change issues and the reduction of greenhouse emissions to protect the environment.

Our organisation makes an undertaking to provide more and better housing under the Decent Housing, Safe and Clean Communities theme.

On Public Transport, Toll Free Roads and Fuel Subsidies, the Manifesto unpacks our intention to lowering the cost of public transport for workers; as well as expanding transport services to townships and rural areas. Among other policies, E-tolls will be scrapped and subsidies provided to transport modes engaged in economically productive activities.

Sports and Recreation For All our citizens will also mark our aim to transform sports and use it as a national and community building resource.

On Political Administration and Good Governance

AZAPO will Defend Democracy, Uphold The Rule of Law, and Practice Good Governance. As a liberation movement that has fought for true democracy, AZAPO is obliged to defend our democratic and freedom gains.

The professionalization of the public service and respect for independent institutions such as the Public Protector and the Judiciary will constitute a cornerstone of our respect for the Constitution.

The Manifesto reaffirms our longstanding position on The Dissolution of Provinces as Elected Authorities, and our desire to replace them with Administrative Authorities. This will be done to root out corruption, wastage and duplication, and to strengthen local government as an important layer of public administration and public and social services provision.

AZAPO will also promote Access to Justice for All. It will introduce A Restorative Justice Programme for minor offences, as well as a Diversionary Justice Approach for Youth offenders. This will go a long way towards assisting the country to reduce our rising prison population and stop mass incarceration of Black youth.

Lastly, the Manifesto spells out how an AZAPO government will approach International Relations, Cooperation and Promote Global Human Solidarity. It expands on how AZAPO will seek to transform multilateral bodies like the United Nations and its agencies and programmes, for better global governance and coordination.

AZAPO will assert the sovereignty of the people of AZANIA and advance the interests of Africa in its international engagements.


We offer this Manifesto to the people of AZANIA, in the fervent and sincere belief that its successful implementation and adoption, will herald development and a shared and prosperous future, marked by equality, unity and progress for our nation.

“We ask you to make AZAPO Your Source of Hope and A Force for Change in 2019. We ask you to choose and Vote for AZAPO on the 08 May 2019 during the National and Provincial Elections.”

BRief Profile of Our President

Comrade Strike Thokoane was born and bred in Soweto. He joined the Black Consciousness Movement in the 7O’s while studying at the University of the North, where he served as a member of its student wing, the South African Student’s Organisation (SASO).

His studies were interrupted by political activities when university students went on strike after the expulsion of Student Leader, Onkgopotse Abram Tiro in 1972. Subsequent to this, he took up a
post as a teacher at Mmusi High School in Pimville, before joining the liberation movement in exile, in the aftermath of the Soweto 1976 Uprisings.

Comrade Thokoane was instrumental in the formation of the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania (BCMA) in exile, as well as its military wing, the Azanian National Liberation Army (AZANLA). He returned to the country in 1994, after serving the liberation struggle for almost two decades outside.

Comrade Strike Thokoane served AZAPO in various leadership capacities until he was elected President at the Meadowlands National Congress in 2017.

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