cleinwerk 31Honourable Speaker
Honourable Members

We have come to the end of a very eventful year for the National Assembly. This House has experienced robust discussions and debates.

The Speaker, Deputy Speaker and House Chairpersons have had their hands full trying to keep “Order Honourable Members”.

As Members go back to their Constituencies, and later on leave to enjoy the festive season with their families, AZAPO takes this opportunity to wish all Members a peaceful festive season.

But then Parliament would not function without other Staff Members who perform different functions.

We also wish them a happy festive season, a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

We are extending the same wishes to the rest of South Africa.

AZAPO urges all South Africans, particularly road users, to be careful on the road, to drive carefully and to respect other road users.

We urge our people, particularly the Youth, to enjoy the festive season responsibly, and to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

Thank you.

K.J. Dikobo

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