20 March 2019 By Cde Zithulele Cindi, AZAPO Secretary General Johannesburg – This pledge was delivered by Cde Zithulele Cindi – AZAPO Secretary General on the occasion for the 48 registered political parties to sign the Code of Conduct and attend Ballot Paper Draw for … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 11

    AZAPO REGISTERS FOR THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND ALL 9 PROVINCES It might sound trite, but given the high number of fly-by-night parties claiming that they would participate in the National and Provincial Elections in May this year, it is appropriate … View More


    To   : All Media Houses From : The Azanian People’s Organization (AZAPO) 8 March 2019 AZAPO CONDEMNS THE RELEASE OF MR FERDI BARNARD ON PAROLE AZAPO is disgusted by the news of the release of an apartheid death squad member, Mr Ferdi Barnard on parole. This … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 10

    ABOLISH PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTS In its 50 years of existence and revolutionary activism, the Black Consciousness Movement made its rejection of the balkanisation of Azania very clear.  The division of the country took different forms at different times. Colonial powers of … View More


    To: All Media Houses From: The Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO) Date: Monday, 04 March 2019 AZAPO CONDEMNS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND IMMEDIATELY CALLS FOR THE ARREST OF MAMPINTSHA. AZAPO is appalled by the horrific and sadistic violence demonstrated by Mamphintsa … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 9 &...

    MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT GIVING HOPE TO OUR PEOPLE, FORCING A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT IN 2019 AZAPO presents to the patriots and citizens of our country, its 2019 Election Manifesto. There are two things that our country and our people … View More


    THE AZANIAN PEOPLE’S ORGANISATION (AZAPO) SENDS HER HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES TO THE MASUKA FAMILY – ON THE PASSING OF MME DOROTHY MASUKA. The passing away of Mme Dorothy Masuka leaves us sad and empty. AZAPO joins the nation and others all … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 8

    BUDGET SPEECH OR PULPIT PREACHING? Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his maiden Budget Speech amid high expectations from the nation.  His frequent quoting of the scriptures made him look like a pastor summoning divine intervention than a Minister presenting concrete budgetary … View More


    Date Issued : Friday, 15 February 2019 ON THE ESKOM SAGA The Azanian People’s Organization (AZAPO) is extremely “shocked and angry” by the revelation that Eskom is technically insolvent and that, at the current rate, it will not see the … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 7

    ESKOM COBRA EFFECT We can’t say we did not see it coming. When President Ramaphosa appointed a team tasked with a turnaround plan for ESKOM with an expectation of interim recommendations within a month, the writing was on the wall. … View More


  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 6

    BLACK CHILDREN DYING FOR FREE AND DECOLONISED EDUCATION Yet again, Mlungisi Madonsela, an unarmed Black student fighting for free and decolonised education has been gunned down by security forces at the Steve Biko campus of the Durban University of Technology … View More

  • Graduation Speech by Onkgopotse Tiro at...

    Graduation Speech by Onkgopotse Tiro at the University of the North , 29 April 1972 Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Vice Chancellor and gentlemen, allow me to start off by borrowing language from our Prime Minister, Mr. Vorster. Addressing the A. S. … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 5

    FIGHT IGNORANCE, KNOW YOUR HISTORY TO REBEL AGAINST ABUSE Voter registration could not take place in at least 140 polling stations throughout the country.  Given that there are more than 22 000 voting stations in the country, one can argue … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 4

    REGISTER TO VOTE AND RECLAIM YOUR POWER This weekend polling stations will be opened for Voter Registration. AZAPO urges all eligible voters to go and register so that they are able to vote in the forthcoming General Elections expected in … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 3

    WHO ARE BLACK PEOPLE IN AZANIA? In the Black Consciousness Movement, we take nothing for granted.  In the confusion generated by indoctrination, misinformation and fake news, it is not unlikely that Black people may have forgotten or don’t know that … View More


    REGISTER TO VOTE FOR AZAPO YOUR SOURCE OF HOPE, YOUR FORCE FOR CHANGE Register to Vote for AZAPO, please click here to read and print the AZAPO 2019 Registration Flyer Final in pdf version ONE AZANIA ! ONE NATION !

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 2

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2018 MATRICULANTS! AZAPO takes this opportunity to congratulate the learners that passed the 2018 Grade 12 examination.  It will be amiss of AZAPO if we did not pause and salute the educators that went all out to … View More