Gauteng : June 16, 1976 Students Uprising Commemoration Service

June 16,1976 Gauteng 2018

The programme will start early in the morning by paying homage to leaders of June 16, 1976 Students Uprising ( Cdes Tsietsi Mashinini, Kgotso Seatholo and others ) at Avalon Cemetery, Soweto.

Black Consciousness has in its years of existence in South Africa, gone through unparalleled repression and hostility from the state and its ideological opponents alike. In terms of leadership, we have lost more men and women than any other organisation at the hands of the Boer regime and our political opponents in the Black community. We have survived this and gone through it with a great measure of dignity. We stand for the truth and shall forever uphold it. Cde Mpotseng Kgokong, June 1996


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