Our Annual Activities


Annual Activities and Commemorative Days

Date Event/Activity
27th January Dr Abu Baker Asvat Day
1st February Onkgopotse Ramothibi Day
8th March International Women’s Day
21st March Sharpeville Heroes Day
28th April AZAPO Anniversary Day
1st May International Workers Day
25th May Africa Liberation Day
16th June June 16, 1976 Students Uprising
1st July South African Students Organisation (SASO) Anniversary
3rd July Muntu Myeza Day
5th August Mapetla Mohapi Day
9th August National Women’s Day
6th September Black Consciousness Week from 6th to 12th September
12th September Bantu Stephen Biko Day
19th October Black Solidarity Day
16th December Mthuli ka-Shezi Day


Chronology of Events in the Evolution of the Black Consciousness Movement

1946  Birth of Bantu Stephen Biko (18 December)
1960 Sharpeville massacre, banning of the ANC and the PAC
1967 Formation of the University Christian Movement (UCM)
1968 Formation of SASO (Natal, December)
1969 Official inauguration of SASO (Turfloop, 1 July)
1970 First General Council of SASO (Natal, July)
1971 Launch of the Black Community Programmes
1972 Expulsion of Onkgopotse Tiro from the University of the North
1972 Widespread university student revolt
1972 SASO General Students Council (Hammanskraal)
1972 Launch of the Black Allied Workers Union
1972 Launching Conference of the Black People’s Convention (December)
1972  Tragic death of Mthuli ka Shezi (16 December)
1972 Mass strike by Black workers in Natal
1973 Banning of Steve Biko and several SASO/BPC leaders
1974 Assassination of Onkgopotse Tiro (Botswana, 1 February)
1974  Mass participation in the VIVA-FRELIMO Rallies
1974 Mass arrest of SASO/BPC leaders across South Africa
1975 Proceeding of the SASO/BPC Trial (Pretoria Supreme Court)
1976 Conviction of SASO/BPC leaders, jailed on Robben Island
1976 Death in detention of Mapetla Mohapi (5 August)
1976 Black student revolt, nationwide resistance (16 June)
1977 Death in detention of Steve Biko (12 September)
1977 Mass banning of all BC organisations (19 October)
1978 Formation of AZAPO (Johannesburg, 28 April)
1980  Formation of the BCMA (London, UK, 12 April)
1983  Launching of the National Forum (June)
1983 Launching of AZASM (2 July)
1987 Launching of AZAYO
1988 Banning of AZAPO and AZAYO
1988  Formation of the Azanian Co-ordinating Committee
1989  Murder of Dr Abu-Baker Asvat (Soweto, 27 January)
1990  Unbanning of all Black liberation organisations (2 February)
1990  Tragic death of Muntu ka-Myeza (Free State, 3 July)
1991  Launching of AZASCO (Medical University of South Africa, Pretoria)
1994  Dissolution of the BCMA into AZAPO (Shaft 17, Soweto, 9 October)
Sources, Quest for True Humanity, selected Speeches & Writings, by Mosibudi Mangena. © 1996