• AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 26

    To print and read the pdf version, please click here ⇒ AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 26 AZAPO VOLUME PREVIOUS ONLINE PUBLICATIONS ONE AZANIA ! ONE NATION !

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 25

    AFRIKAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT Afrikan nations signed a continental free-trade agreement at an African Union (AU) summit held in Niger last Sunday. The deal paves the way to create the biggest free-trade zone in the world. All AU members, except … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 24

    A MOTSAU MEMORIAL EDITION In the wake of the falling of the great Azanian Revolutionary Nkutśoeu Skaap Motsau, AZAPO Voice Editorial Collective is paying homage to this legend by this Memorial Edition. TRIBUTE BY AZAPO NATIONAL CHAIRPERSON NELVIS QEKEMA In … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 23

    REORGANISE EDUCATION TOWARDS TRANSFORMATION AND LIBERATION Colonial education in the context of apartheid caused a lot of harm to the South African society. That damage was of immeasurable proportions in the Black community. And that damage remains in place long after … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 22

    JUNE 16TH UPRISING MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN It has become an annual ritual. Every year on the 16th of June, we look back to the 1976 generation of brave students who changed the cause of history. This is important as … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 21

    SOUTH AFRICA’S ECONOMIC SHIP SINKS EVEN DEEPER The South African economic ship is directionless. The ruling party, which is its captain, is steering it straight to a mountain of an iceberg.  The economy is in a similar situation of the … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 20

    WE ARE AFRIKANS, PERIOD! It appears like a caucused position among journalists. The mainstream media has consistently described Sarah Khumalo as “the first black African woman” to summit Mount Everest.    Like a scratched record, every news reader talks about … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 19

    THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING AZAPO  The Azanian People’s Organisation would like to thank most sincerely all the people who voted for AZAPO in the May 8 National and Provincial Elections.  In order to understand the results of the elections, it … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 18

    POLITICAL PARTIES ARE EQUAL IN A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION The person who matters in an election is the voter. All political parties contest the attention and decision of the voter. The voter is god during elections. The voters cannot optimally exercise … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 17

    VOTE AZAPO TO REVERSE THE APRIL 27, 1994 BETRAYAL Depending on your economic status, April 27 can be a day worth celebrating or a source of huge frustration. Let’s start with the good. If you are a beneficiary of policies … View More


    26 April 2019 Media Release ON THE IMPENDING DE-REGISTRATION OF ASSOCIATION OF MINE WORKERS AND CONSTRUCTION UNION (AMCU) The Azanian People’s Organization (AZAPO) notes with grave concern the impending de-registration of AMCU by the Department of Labour. While AZAPO doesn’t … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 16

    QUEST TO DESTROY THE COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE OF THE ECONOMY With national and provincial elections around the corner, various political parties have intensified their campaigns to attract voters. The emphasis may differ, but most parties are making similar promises to the … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 15

    BETWEEN AUTHORITARIANISM AND FASCISM If you understand how the Azanian people yearned for liberation, justice and equality; you would appreciate why the post-1994 corruption in the form of State Capture amounts to a state of being from the frying pan … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 14

    EQUIP THE NATION WITH A BC-INSPIRED EDUCATION FOR EFFICIENCY AND SELF-RELIANCE A country’s most valuable asset is its people. If you want to change a country, you must educate the people and change their thinking. The people must first believe … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 13

    ASSASSINATED XHOLOBENI LEADER REMEMBERED Multitudes of people descended on the Isigidi Village in Xholobeni to pay homage to their leader Sikhosiphi Bazooka Radebe who was assassinated in 2016 for resisting the attempted “auctioning” of their mineral resources to an Australian … View More

  • Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO)

    1)    INTRODUCTION a) The Azanian Student Convention (AZASCO) is a Black Consciousness Student organisation drawing its membership from Universities, Universities of Technology and Colleges (Nursing, Agricultural, Education, Technical). b) It was founded in 1990 on a resolution of the Azanian Student Movement … View More

  • AZAPO Voice Volume 2 Issue Number 12

    CAPITALISM HAS A CORROSIVE EFFECT ON OUR REVOLUTIONARY CHARACTER Ordinarily, our approach is that AZAPO’s election campaign should focus on its manifesto and how the custodians of the legacy of Steve Biko would restore the dignity of the Black person … View More


    Friday, 08 March 2019 By Mbulelo Ketye, AZAPO National Deputy Secretary General THE SOUTH AFRICAN OLD FLAG – AFRI-FORUM VS NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION The pending equality court case brought by Nelson Mandela Foundation against the use of the old racist South … View More