Date Issued : Friday, 15 February 2019


The Azanian People’s Organization (AZAPO) is extremely “shocked and angry” by the revelation that Eskom is technically insolvent and that, at the current rate, it will not see the light of the day by April 2019. Is this a scarecrow or fake news?

If indeed this is true, there is no secret that this is the grand courtesy of the direct and systematic design which was orchestrated and implemented from Luthuli House to loot and rundown the Power Utility. The ANC Government is, without any shadow of doubt, directly accountable for the mismanagement, corruption and all the malfeasances at Eskom.

In the so-called new dawn we saw the appointment of the new board and management team during 2018. The new appointments were followed by a bold government statement in December 2018 informing the nation that Eskom was on top of its load shedding problems. It is barely two months since that pronouncement and now the nation is informed that the current precarious situation in Eskom had come as a surprise to the government. What is this government taking the nation for? Fools?

To add insult to injury, the Azanian people are now being told that some foreign engineers will be roped in and paid from our taxes to carry out a rescue mission for Eskom. This approach is, at its best, very reckless. It is a very clear demonstration that the ANC Government has no clue about the wealth of the engineering experience, knowledge and skills that our country is endowed with.  This move is nothing else but an utter insult to our engineering profession.

The new dawn must be seen what it is – the perpetuation of the old order to lead this country through a trajectory of darkness and decadence.

AZAPO calls for the government to desist, with immediate effect, from running Eskom and other state owned enterprises from Luthuli House and leave the governance of these institutions in capable of those with the requisite expertise for the benefit and in the best interests of the future generations of our beautiful country.

Enough is enough! The Azanian nation cannot afford to traverse in this path of lies and destruction of country by self-serving, reckless and uncaring politicians.

We call upon the peace loving citizens of our country to use their vote in the coming elections to defend our democracy and usher in a government that will repossess our land, uproot corruption and eradicate poverty.

Issued Department of Publicity and Information

For enquiries: 
Nkokeng Morufane - 081 557 1630 AZAPO Secretary for Labour
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