Building and Strengthening Meaningful And Participatory Democracy

Nepotism, corruption, cronyism and unresponsiveness currently characterises governance in South Africa. The State and its institutions have been abused and manipulated to serve individual and party political interests at the expense of strengthening and building the legitimacy of state institutions.


AZAPO believes that building a just, inclusive, democratic and egalitarian society requires the establishment of a political culture and system that empowers people to meaningfully participate in decision making.


Meaningful democratic practice requires and encourages an engaged and empowered citizenry.  The absence of a vigilant and mobilized citizenry leads to lack of government accountabilityand entrenches unresponsiveness.

Therefore an AZAPO government will introduce:

  • a change making Parliament the final appointing authority , after holding public confirmation hearings for people nominated by the President,  for offices such as National Director of Public Prosecutions, Auditor General and Public Protector;
  • A system whereby the President of the country and Mayors are elected directly by citizens so that they are directly accountable;
  • Ahybrid electoral system that incorporates proportional representation with constituency representation;
  • Recall, which will allow citizens to remove non-performing elected officials; and
  • The right of citizens to call for referendums on issues they want to be addressed.
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