Combat Violent Crime and Drugs; and make South Africa a Gun Free Society


  • Crime Has Gone Out Of Control

Crime in South Africa has gone out of control. We live in a state of general lawlessness. Violent crime is especially a concern for all, because it impinges on the democratic right of citizens to live in safety, and it curtails their freedom of association and human dignity.

  • Guns are the Primary Cause for Crime

AZAPO believes that guns are the primary stimulus behind the high crime rates, murders, car hijackings, rape and robberies. AZAPO advocates for guns to be removed from civilians, and that only the armed forces should be allowed to carry guns in society. AZAPO supports a GUN FREE Society in South Africa.

  • Arrest, Prosecute and Jail Corrupt Politicians

Since 1994, there have been endless cases of corruption involving politicians, members of their families and ruling party officials. Sadly, unlike in other countries, we have not seen any high-ranking members of the government and the ruling party being jailed for this misuse of power and office.

AZAPO will arrest, prosecute and jail all those who are corrupt, in both the public and private sector.

  • How AZAPO Proposes To Fight Crime

In seeking to lower both social and economic crimes, an AZAPO government will accelerate the following:

  1. Fight rising animal, fish and plant poaching in our national parks and on our oceans; and
  2. Have specialised police and security force units that would protect our porous borders to prevent human and woman trafficking;
  3. Increase the number of police vehicles, police stations and mobile units in townships and rural areas;
  4. Increased visibility through adequate provision of uniformed ground patrol units, supported by undercover officers;
  5. Eliminate corruption from the police service;
  6. Build a pro-active police service through strengthening evidence based crime intelligence programmes;
  7. Eliminate drugs in our communities by ruthlessly pursuing organised syndicates and small-time peddlers.
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