Decent Housing, Safe and Clean Communities


  • Establish a State Housing Corporation and Building Societies to Address the Massive Housing Shortage

The current government has dismally failed our people and thus betrayed them by failing to provide adequate and decent housing since the advent of democracy in 1994.

Lack of support by government, coupled with the obstinate refusal by the banking sector to assist in the provision of housing for prospective applicants (mostly Black people) will compel an AZAPO government to immediately establish a National Housing Corporation (NHC) and set up Building Societies to address the huge backlogs in housing provision for citizens.

  • End Red Lining and Discrimination of Black Clients by Commercial Banks

It is self-evident that the commercial Banking sector continues to red line Black clients. Whilst it is easy to obtain a consumer loan for R5OO 000, 00 or motor vehicle finance, which are unsecured credit facilities, many Black clients have complained about how hard it is to obtain a housing loan from the banks on a secured loan such as a housing bond.

According to recent media reports, almost 70% of public servants, the majority of whom are Black, with fully funded pension values in their names, are unable to be financed for housing loans by commercial banks.

An AZAPO government will immediately resolve this problem through the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and a State Owned Building Society, by issuing bank guarantees so that these public servants can be financed to buy or build houses, backed up by their pension fund values.

This will immediately ensure that more than 2 million public servants will have access to housing, and therefore release pressure on the housing market on a national level. Similar schemes will be undertaken for other staff in the State Owned Entities.

  • Social Housing for the Homeless and Indigent Will Be a Flagship of AZAPO’s Housing Policy

An AZAPO government will provide social housing to the homeless and the indigent and address the housing deficits and disparities that are a function of living in a monopoly capitalist economy.

The provision of decent houses for the unemployed and indigent and those whose income levels might hinder them from accessing the stringent conditions of funding by commercial banks, will be facilitated by the NHC.

The development of houses should be centrally planned by all stakeholders that are involved in spatial planning and development. These would include all relevant government departments, town planners, engineers, architects, the community and business sector.

This will facilitate the identification of socio- economic nodes such as eco-tourism, cultural routes, light industrial zones, recreational facilities and other forms of economic livelihood that would be geared at creating employment and the reduction of poverty.

  • More, Better and Adequate Housing Must Be Complemented By Security And Safety

The provision of housing by an AZAPO government will be complemented by adequate security, schools, roads, sanitation, water, electricity, lights to ensure that these houses become proper human settlements. Not the present human dumping grounds that social and subsidised housing have become, as was the case also under apartheid.

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