Defend Democracy, Uphold the Rule of Law and Promote Good Governance


  • AZAPO will Defend our Democratic and Freedom Struggle Gains, and Uphold The Rule of Law

 AZAPO and the Black Consciousness Movement fought for democracy and freedom. To this end, AZAPO will remain steadfast in not just advancing and entrenching democracy and The Rule of Law in our country, but will also defend these ethical and constitutional values.

These are some of the steps an AZAPO government will take to realise these ideals:

  1. Effect changes to make Parliament the final appointing authority, after holding public confirmation hearings for people nominated by the President, for offices such as the Chief Justice, National Director of Public Prosecutions, Auditor General and Public Protector;
  2. Adopt a system whereby the President of the country and Mayors are elected directly by citizens so that they are directly accountable;
  3. Endorse a mixed electoral system that incorporates both proportional representation and the constituency representation systems;
  4. Provide an opportunity to “Recall Representatives”, which will allow citizens to remove non-performing elected officials; and
  5. Establish The Right of Citizens to call for a referendum on an issue they wish to have addressed.
  • Respect the Constitution and Practice Good Governance

An AZAPO government will practice Good Governance by respecting the independence of the three arms of governance being the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. AZAPO will not seek to undermine the Judiciary, the prosecutorial service and other Chapter 9 institutions, including the Public Protector’s office, as it has been happening for some time, in direct violation of our constitutional values.

No government or ruling party must be allowed to interfere with the work of these independent bodies, which is constitutionally enshrined.

  • An AZAPO Government Will Professionalise the Public Service

An AZAPO Government will restore professionalism and quality in the public service. The public service must be politically neutral and a non-partisan institution, which recruits only the best of professional and patriotic citizens, irrespective of party affiliation, colour, creed or social origin.

AZAPO will appoint competent and professional citizens of our country who are qualified to do their jobs into public offices. Support AZAPO to end the destructive policy of “cadre deployment”, which has been used by the ruling party to provide sheltered employment to incompetent, unqualified and more often corrupt members of their organisation.

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