Dissolve Provinces as Elected Authorities and make them Administrative Authorities


  • Appoint Administrators to Run Provinces to Save Costs

An AZAPO government will dissolve provinces as elected political authorities. Our government will convert them into administrative authorities with an Administrator assigned to each province to oversee the provision of social and other public services, with a smaller administrative structure.

This policy will achieve fiscal savings and ensure that more of our public funds are not spend on paying unproductive people salaries; but rather, that funding is directed at development and provision of critical services.

AZAPO will prioritise provision of more, quality and better of the following basic services:

  1. Quality houses for citizens;
  2. Improved sanitation and storm water drainage systems;
  3. Build and maintain safe parks and recreation facilities;
  4. Build and maintain roads and provide public transport; as well as
  5. Enhance accessibility to public libraries, art galleries, community theater and arts as well as other social amenities.
  • Uproot Wastage and Corruption, Achieve Fiscal Savings and Strengthen Local Government

Provinces as elected authorities have proven themselves wasteful. They absorb scarce and essential resources for development into administrative functions and compensation of employees.

Instead of channeling funds into the building of houses, provision of clean water, employment of teachers and nurses as well as the building of hospitals and clinics. The state spends most of its scarce finances in paying 9 Premiers, more than a 100 Members of the Executive Councils (MEC’s); almost 1000 Members of the Provincial Legislatures, and a staggering number of bodyguards and private staff, to maintain political structures and functions, which are not of much value to citizens.

AZAPO believes that Provincial Governments are simply a site of wastage, inefficiency and corruption. They have become another avenue for dispensing patronage, nepotism and jobs for pals’ schemes for the ruling party and the corrupt.

Many of the offices of these politicians are bloated and overstaffed. AZAPO will use the saving achieved from this intervention to strengthen Local Government, and to invest in local development as well as provision of vital services such as water, clinics, sanitation and housing.

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