Electoral Campaign and Party Funding

In seeking to build an equal and truly democratic society, AZAPO wants to build a country of stakeholders:a country where each citizen has an equal stake in the country and equal influence in public affairs. Unless regulated, the role of money in the political process is likely to skew power and influence away from the majority to the rich and powerful. Indeed this is happening in South Africa with money from foreign entities, foreigners and the rich skewing the competitive electoral landscape. AZAPO recognizes the right of individuals to, in the exercise of their freedom of speech and association, donate money to political parties and electoral campaign, but such funding should not give those individuals oversized influence.

AZAPO therefore proposes, in building a nation of equal stakeholders, to:

  • Ban contributions or donations by foreign entities or individuals to political parties and electoral campaigns
  • Restrict juristic persons to only make donations to the represented political parties’ fund managed by the Independent Electoral Fund(IEC)
  • Six months before the end of term of the National Government, ban any advertising(paid for media placement) either by a juristic or natural person that seek to influence or shape public opinion on a policy, political or public affairs issue.
  • Change the formula used to allocate funds to political parties from the represented political parties’ fund as follows: 50% of the fund to be distributed on an equal basis to all the represented parties, the other 50% to be distributed on the basis of proportional representation in the National Assembly.
  • Require political parties to publicly declare, through the IEC, any donation or donations from an individual that amount to or exceed R50 000, adjusted for inflation each year.
  • Limit an individual’s contribution to a political party or an electoral campaign to R150 000 per calendar year,adjusted for inflation yearly.


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