Enforce Stricter Control of Immigration to Stop Drugs, Human Trafficking and Counterfeit Goods


  • Strengthen Immigration Control for National Security

South African borders are too porous. This undermines national security. Drugs come into and leave the country through our borders and other national ports of entry. It is the same with counterfeit goods and other illegal products. There is also the added problem of human and woman trafficking.

AZAPO believes that immigration and a country’s development are inextricably connected. It is through immigration that the distribution of skills, economic growth and development programmes are exchanged from one country to the other.

The number of undocumented immigrants is increasing from countries as far as Asia and Europe, and from within the continent. Many of these immigrants have been found to be involved in serious and violent crime in their countries of origin and here at home. All undocumented migrants must be properly processed in immigration control centres, so that those with criminal motives are identified and isolated.

  • Enforce Immigration Laws to Stop Human and Woman Trafficking and Drugs

The country needs a stricter control and enforcement of immigration to stem the tide of drugs, human trafficking, especially of our young and vulnerable women and girls, as well as illegal trading in counterfeit goods

It is also a reality and a fact that immigration that is not controlled and porous borders, put the country in danger of illegal and criminal activities. Human trafficking, counterfeit goods and diseases (human and animal) are crimes and dangers that befall a country if there are no strict laws and policies to control and regulate immigration.

An AZAPO Government will:

  1. Enter into extradition treaties with other countries to deport criminals and fugitives from justice;
  2. Develop an Immigration Policy that will prohibit criminals and fugitives from justice in their own country from entering our country;
  3. Register and document all refugees without discrimination;
  4. Arrest and deport all refugees who evade and refuse to be registered and documented; and
  5. Work with the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees on a sustainable refugee policy.
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