Fighting Crime

AZAPO believes that the exercise of democracy and freedom in any country is necessarily associated with the safety of person and property. The high level of crime in South Africa inhibits the free exercise of our freedoms. Driving one’s car without fear of it being hijacked,  leaving your home without being afraid that it will be broken into and walking down the road without concern of your personal safety,  these are normal expectations that have long been forgotten by most South Africans. Crime and fear thereof has become a major influencer and shaper of how we live our lives and which personal and public spaces we occupy.


An AZAPO government will implement multi-level interventions which will include:

  • Abolishing civilian gun ownership and only allow the police and army to be the only legal gun bearers in the country when on duty. Special allowance will be made for sports men and women whose sport codes require guns.
  • Involving communities in the fight against crime.Community formations and initiatives fighting crime will be given support and training.
  • Reducing the requirements for setting up municipality police services for small municipalities, particularly reduction of proof of financial sustainability to only 15 years and allowing a gradual phasing in of a 24 hour municipal police service.
  • Declaration of certain segments of municipality employees as peace officers.
  • Increasing the number and distribution of Community Courts. This will ensure a speedy conclusion of court cases and will help with the backlog and free other courts to deal with more serious offences.
  • Encouraging greater cooperation between the South African Police Service, Municipal Police Services and Communities in order to prevent crime.
  • Improving the training received by the police and ensuring that they receive better remuneration.
  • Involving communities in combating crime and providing a police service that is, amongst other things, focused on crime prevention.
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