Giving Hope to Our People, Forcing A Change In Government in 2019

VOTE AZAPOAZAPO presents to the patriots and citizens of our country, its 2019 Election Manifesto. There are two things that our country and our people wish for as we approach elections: HOPE and CHANGE.

Hope that things will not go from bad to worse, as we have seen in the last 5 years; and Change from the poor governance and theft of public resources that we have witnessed for the past 24 years. Our people are calling for Change. They want an end to corruption, deepening poverty, continued landlessness and worsening unemployment.

Our people also want to be given HopeThey want to be assured that the quality of education  given to their children will not be compromised, the provision of medical services in hospitals and clinics will not deteriorate, jobs for the youth and adults who are unemployed will be created, and that good governance will be maintained and achieved.

Through this Manifesto, we are Giving our people Hope, and we seek to Force Change in government on 08 May 2019.

AZAPO, your party of liberation and for democracy, has given you brave and honoured martyrs and leaders such as Steve Biko, Onkgopotse Tiro, Mthuli Ka Shezi, Motlalepule Kgware, Dr Abu Baker Asvat, Mapetla Mohapi, among many other beautiful sons and daughters of this land who fought for freedom. You can trust AZAPO to defend this democracy, which they fought for.

AZAPO asks you to exercise your democratic right to vote in an informed, patriotic and responsible manner in 2019. AZAPO requests you to bring an end to State Capture, load shedding and the abuse of our prosecutorial and policing services to protect criminals and those who have stolen from the people.

AZAPO is a credible party- a liberation movement- that has fought for more than 50 years since the founding of the Black Consciousness Movement, on the side of Black people, in pursuit of justice, democracy and freedom.

We ask you to make AZAPO Your Source of Hope and A Force for Change in 2019. We ask you to choose and Vote for AZAPO on the 08 May 2019 during the National and Provincial Elections.

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