Health, Environment and Climate Change


  • Free Primary Health Care for All

The provision of free primary health care to all citizens is a right that should be enshrined in the new constitution by an AZAPO Government. Public health care centres, clinics and hospitals should strive to provide free and comprehensive quality health care for all its citizens.

Palliative care for people with serious illnesses that require special care should be an integral part of the public health care system, for both young and old citizens.

Affordable health will become a pillar of the new health care system under an AZAPO government.

  • Establishment of a Medical Regulatory Agency to Curb Market Abuse and Soaring Medical Inflation

Medical inflation and exploitation are a serious problem in South Africa, which have led to the Competition Commission undertaking an investigation and enquiry into market abuse.

The provision of medical care will be supervised by the establishment of a National Health Care Agency that will administer and regulate all institutions and companies that provide health, medical services and products. This will put an end to medical cartels, some of which manufacture or use medical products that have been banned for use in other countries and by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

  • AZAPO Will Prevent and Treat HIV AIDS, TB, Cancer and Other Pandemics

An AZAPO government will additionally focus on the prevention and treatment of diseases and pandemics such as HIV AIDS, Cancer, hypertension related illnesses and TB, which are ravaging communities, especially among Black people.

Mental illness is emerging as a national health crisis, leading many citizens to commit suicide and to suffer clinical depression. An AZAPO government will give this priority attention, so that we avoid the senseless deaths of more than 150 of our fellow citizens through ill-advised interventions as seen during the Life Esidemini tragedy.

Many of the health challenges are also produced by the poor conditions under which our people live. To this extent, an AZAPO government will also give priority attention to creating cleaner and safer communities. Basic hygiene programmes will be promoted and rolled out into broader society.

The provision of free-health care for all kinds of illnesses, would be coupled with modernizing our health care system in order to improve our neonatal fatality and national mortality rates.

AZAPO is committed to achieving a clean, efficient and seamless health system, where shortage of drugs, dirty linen and unhygienic health institutions’ will become a thing of the past.

  • A Commitment to the Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions on the Environment

Environmental policies are intended to guide a government to uphold quality clean air for its population, ascertain that amounts of carbon dioxide emissions from industrial activities and other toxic gas sources such as cars do not result in adverse health and environmental effects upon humans, animals, plants, land and marine resources.

The global climate changes that inter-alia lead to the depletion of the Ozone layer because of greenhouse gases could negatively affect people, plants as well as animals and biodiversity.

South Africa as a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and a country that has committed itself to climate impact reduction strategies has a responsibility to arrest global warming. An AZAPO government will adopt clean production strategies, promote renewable energy and wean our economy off fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

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