International Relations and Global Human Solidarity


  • An AZAPO Government Will Uphold Global Human Solidarity in its International Relations and Cooperation Outlook

AZAPO recalls the many sacrifices that were made by African countries and the peoples of the world, who afforded us human solidarity to defeat the demon of apartheid and to erase the scourge of institutionalised racism off the face of our country.

To this end, an AZAPO government will seek to build cordial international relations, especially with those countries that supported our struggle through human solidarity. Our international diplomacy and cooperation policy will be based on mutual development and toward the promotion of global peace and human freedom.

Correspondingly, a future AZAPO government will not forge relations with countries and governments only driven by their avaricious desire to subvert our economic and political sovereignty, and to intensify exploitation of our labour and land. Their interests will be diametrically opposite to Black liberation and our internationalist outlook of human solidarity.

  • An AZAPO Government Will Work Towards Transforming the Multilateral UN System

AZAPO will fully engage with the global multilateral system to promote the interests and welfare of Azania and its citizens, as well as those of the African region and the SADC sub-region.

AZAPO shall be guided throughout by a desire to transform some of the United Nations agencies such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organisation (WTO), whose legacy has been that of ravaging African economies through unfair and skewed international trade, development finance and aid policies.

We shall always seek to assert and guard jealously, the sovereignty of Azania and its people and be self-reliant on issues of national development.

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