Introduce the Basic Income Grant to Eliminate Poverty and Inequality


  • A Basic Income Grant Will Redress Inequalities and Poverty

With the increasing and deepening poverty, unemployment and inequalities in our country, an AZAPO government will be resolute in introducing a Basic Income Grant for the unemployed and those in need. Our country has only one economy wherein all of our citizens must share the benefits of development and growth.

The concentration of wealth in the top 10% with almost 60% of our population living in poverty is an anomaly, which must be urgently corrected.

Social welfare is a function of government. An AZAPO socialist government must provide these services according to the needs of its citizens. Socio-economic conditions give rise to different levels of access to income opportunities, health facilities, housing, education and recreational facilities, etc.

Social welfare programmes should be designed to meet these differing needs according to the level of exposure, social disparities and vulnerabilities.

  • AZAPO Will Use The Basic Income Grant as a Development and Wealth Redistribution Strategy

South Africa is not a poor country. Our challenge is how to redistribute wealth and income to eliminate inequalities that reveal themselves along racial, class and gender lines.

Redress should be a central element in the provision of social welfare in a country where the majority of its citizens have been subjected to centuries of neglect and deprivation.

A Basic Income Grant linked to the National Minimum Wage, as well as other active social and labour policies, can help us to rapidly resolve this albatross of a problem.

AZAPO Social Welfare policies will be aimed at protecting citizens from social reversals and loss of dignity, that often occurs through loss of income, homes and employment; lack of access to education by children and healthcare.

Social benefits such as old age pensions, disability, retrenchments, war veterans, family and child grants, income and other support for orphans and child headed households, help to relieve social and economic pressures on families and fellow citizens of our country.

Our social welfare and social grant policy will aspire to be as comprehensive and universal as possible so that none of our citizens will be left outside of the social safety net.

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