Lay the Basis for a Future Socialist Working Class Democratic Society


  • The Black Working Class Must Lead Us to a Democratic Socialist Future

Black People remain an oppressed and vanquished people. The Black Working Class also continuous to feed at the bottom trough of the fruits their labour produces. It is due to these enduring vestiges of racism and capitalist exploitation that AZAPO continues to wage a tenacious and protracted struggle for national liberation of Black People, and for a socialist egalitarian society.

An AZAPO government will proceed to construct a socialist economy once in power, where social solidarity, economic equality and labour productivity will become the driving values of our future society.

AZAPO will not fall prey to the predatory forces of narrow nationalism, which as it has been proven in many post liberation societies, tend to congeal themselves in power, in a comprador relationship with the forces of neo­ colonialism and imperialism.

In order to undo all of this injustice, AZAPO is committed to the introduction of a socialist economic system, where the means of production, distribution and exchange will be controlled by the working class, who will also act as the primary motive force in social and economic transformation.

  • AZAPO will Work Toward Realising the Vision of the Azanian Manifesto

The Azanian Manifesto remains the guiding document about the future we envisage for a Socialist Worker­ Controlled Republic of Azania. Among others, the Azanian Manifesto correctly states:

“Our struggle for national liberation is directed against the system of racial capitalism which holds the people of Azania in bondage for the benefit of the small minority of white capitalists and their allies, the white workers as well as sections of the reactionary middle classes. The struggle against apartheid, therefore, is no more than a point of departure for our liberatory efforts. Only the eradication of the system of racial capitalism can put an end to apartheid.

The Black Working Class inspired by revolutionary consciousness is the driving force of our struggle. They alone can end the system as it stands today, because they alone have nothing to lose. They have a world to gain in a democratic anti-racist, and Socialist Azania, where the interests of the workers will be paramount, through worker control of the means of production, distribution and exchange.”

  • Build a Future, Modern Democratic Socialist State

These aforegoing principles and values as enunciated in The Azanian Manifesto remain the signposts and guiding light of our socialist vision.

AZAPO will build a modern democratic and prosperous state, which will embark on massive agrarian reform and rapid industrial development, where all workers will share equally in the product of their labour and be free to express their full human and cultural potential.

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