On Clean Water And Sanitation

Like oil, water is an economic resource of no less importance.  Industries require huge amounts of water supply on a daily basis to operate optimally.  Strict water management in the industrial front is needed to ensure that clean, hygienic and quality water is available for human consumption.

In the rural areas there are vast areas with no access to water.  Human beings have to fetch water from distant rivers, and share this with animals.  This exposes these communities to waterborne diseases and no prospect of treatment because clinics are out of reach.

It is still a common sight in the rural and some urban areas to find people having to be subjected to the indignity of relieving themselves in the bushes.  Schools have no running water and sanitation resulting in the educators and learners having to squat in the nearby bushes.

An AZAPO government will:

  • Invest in the building of basic infrastructure and deal with the deliberate neglect and backlog of decades in this regard
  • Ensure that every school has clean water and sanitation
  • Invest in technologies for the reuse of water
  • Ensure that water is provided for free to poor households
  • Reverse the privatization of water provision and do away with prepaid water meters
  • Increase levies for industrial usage to boost water management, while the levies could help inject funds into building of basic infrastructure in the rural areas
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