On Culture and Sports

No nation has ever prospered on the back of the erosion of human traits such as culture, morality and respect. These are the values that bind us together and provide agreed and understood modes of behaviour. Development is not only physical, but also psychological and cultural. Education, economic activity, health care, politics and others are simply not possible in an environment devoid of respect.

It is on the sporting fields that our culture, values and respect come to the fore and are reinforced. AZAPO shares the view that sports and general active living have ample benefits that include among others better health, formation and strengthening of a sense of community and shared pride and economic benefit.

However, both sports and culture have suffered from over commercialization. Pursuit of cultural activities and sports purely for the love of it, has been subjugated by the pervasive profit motive. Indeed the word “amateur” has taken on a negative connotation far different form its roots of ‘love for’ or ‘taste for’ a specific activity.

Working with various sectors of society, an AZAPO government will:

  • Provide for the cultural and linguistic expression of the various cultural and linguistic communities found in our country
  • Invest in the protection of our country’s physical  and cultural heritage
  • Support the pursuit of cultural activities both as means of making a living and for self-expression
  • Encourage sports participation by all South Africans – those who want to make a living from it and those who participate for the love of it
  • Work with sporting bodies to build and strengthen their organisational capacity and effectiveness
  • Encourage and support the development of world class South African athletes who will excel in whatever sport they pursue
  • Ensure that sports are played at all school levels
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