On Foreign Policy

A nation’s foreign policy must be guided by its domestic priorities and its values.  The conduct of the current government in international relations has lacked consistency and a sense of direction founded on both national interest and values. Straying from its professed adherence to principles such “African Solution for African Problems” and mediation over military intervention, South Africa supported resolution 1973 in 2011 which disguised regime change as protection of civilians. The current government supported resolution 1973 despite an African Union Road Map agreed to a week before passing of the resolution in the Security Council.  The recent deployment of South African troops to the Central African Republic is another example of South Africa’s foreign forays with dubious motives.


Inspired by Pan-Africanist values, international solidarity and fraternity of all man, an AZAPO government will:

  • build relations that translate into actual contributions to South Africa’s national priorities
  • make achievement of South Africa’s international trade priorities a key aspect of diplomatic efforts
  • Strengthen- political, social and economic- relations with all African countries for the advancement of freedom, peace, security and development.
  • Pursue greater economic integration within the African continent starting with the pursuit of a SADC wide customs union.
  • Uphold anti-imperialism, respect for sovereignty and multilaterally approved interventions as opposed to interference into other countries’ affairs
  • Consider and pursue trilateral co-operation projects in healthcare, education, nutrition, food security, and climate change that make a real impact on the people of Africa and the developing world.
  • Vigorously  pursue the democratisation of multilateral bodies so that they are reflective of the countries of the world as oppose to reflecting the economic and military might of countries
  •  In pursuit of the democratisation of multilateral bodies, advocate for:
    •  elimination of permanent and non-permanent membership of the Security Council, replacing it with biennial elections- on a regional basis- of members of the Security Council by the General Assembly.
    • Scraping of the veto in the Security Council
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