On Housing

The inability to provide affordable and decent housing remains a major failure of previous and current Governments – local, provincial and national.   The failure of these spheres of government is evidenced by mekhukhu and the sub-standard brick versions built by the current government.


South Africa currently faces a minimum housing backlog of about 2.1-million houses and many of the brick mekhukhu – so called RDP houses- that have been built in previous years are already in need of work to rectify their many faults.The housing backlog means, at a minimum, about 12-million people (i.e. over 20% of the population) are currently without decent housing.


An AZAPO government will

  • Set up a state housing company to provide medium and low cost housing in the country for both purchase and renting. This will ensure that the highest standards are maintained in the building of houses.
  • Provide land for free to those who can afford to build houses for themselves
  • encourage the formation of housing co-operatives which will, in conjunction with a State Housing Company, build decent houses for rent by people living in the villages, townships, towns and cities. People will be able to change from renting to buying once they can afford it or acquire automatic ownership after renting for a stipulated period.
  • AZAPO will ensure that those who are unable to fend for themselves receive houses funded by a social development fund.
  • Build houses on sufficiently large plots of land so as to enable those who want to extend their houses to do so.
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