On Land And Mineral Resources

AZAPO believes that land reconquest constitutes the historical and material basis for total liberation of black people in Azania.  To attain total liberation, black people must liberate the land completely and effectively from the system of white racism, neo-colonialism and capitalism, which have historically stunted and had a deleterious effect on the productive capabilities of black people as the rightful owners of the land.

Historically, the basic and original function of the land is to serve as the material basis for dynamic development of social and human life. Essentially, a landless people are really deprived of the material basis for social and human life development. Hence conquest and dispossession of human beings of their land is not merely dispossession of the primary means of production but also the means of exploring and realising their creative potential.

Significantly, the principles of private ownership and distribution of the land on the basis of non-egalitarian principles have been extended to foreign capitalist and other foreign nationals.  This has resulted in the coexistence of foreign private ownership with local private ownership of land.  The primary effect of foreign ownership of land has been the outflow of national wealth to foreign countries.

An AZAPO government will:

  • Vest the ownership of the land, including everything below its surface, the air above it and the sea around it, in the hands of the State.
  • Convert all title deeds for land not earmarked for expropriation into 100 years up to 150 years lease – depending on the investment already made in the land or is required for the productive use of the land
  • Scrap the current land reform policy that is based on a willing buyer–willing seller model, and replace it with the expropriating of land without compensation, which shall primarily be applicable to the land owned and controlled by big landlords and their foreign counterparts.
  • Redistribute and re-organise land for residential, industrial, agricultural, research and development in science and technology, and recreational purposes
  • Redistribute land with the view to reducingthe urban-rural economic divide and reverse the patterns of apartheid spatial planning.
  • Grant prospecting and mining rights on the basis of the capacity of the applicant, economic, social and environmental impact on the community, the restorative effect of the proposal
  • Set up an agency of government responsible for the management, prospecting and mining of natural resources
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