On People Living With Disabilities

Building a caring society means ensuring that, amongst others, the most vulnerable and marginalised in society are ensured the right to opportunities that will give them the means to live meaningful, productive, fulfilled and safe lives.  There are systemic and structural barriers whichprevent integration of the disabled into society while impacting negatively on their ability to access opportunities. These structural as well as systematic barriers include: attitudes, education, environments, transport, housing, employment, unavailability of equipment andspecialised medical care etc.

An AZAPO government will:

  • Ensure that people living with disabilities are included and consulted on any issue dealing with disability in keeping with the principle “nothing about us without us”
  • Make the development and support of people living with disability a Presidential issue
  • Work to ensure that people living with disability are able to live independent lives.
  • Ensure that people living with disabilities have access to work opportunities and that their employment is not seen as mere matter of  compliance with quotas
  • Make the healthcare needs of those with disabilities a primary healthcare issue
  • Provide assistance  and guidance to people living with disabilities and their families primarily during early rehabilitation
  • Provided those living with a disability with opportunities to access education and skills development programmes.
  • Enforce the right of people with disabilities to free movement on public transportation and in built environments
  • Ensure that means of communication for those leaving with disabilities are mainstreamed e.g. braille, sign language, and auditory support
  • Build assisted living centres that will ensure those with disabilities can have a level of autonomy in their lives
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