On Social Security

Currently, there are about five major social assistance grants in the social security system.  The system currently has more than 16 million people receiving grants.  Given the socio-economic backlogs and poverty facing the majority of black people as a result of apartheid disparities, the current social security system is understandable and needed. While it is good that 16 million South Africa are saved from extreme poverty, such a number is itself indicative of the failure of the current government.

An AZAPO government will:

  • Strengthen management and efficacy of the social security system
  • Root out corruption that is plaguing the payout of social grants
  • Eliminate the hardships associated with the payout of old age pension and disability grants
  • Provide for all social grants, based on a minimum living wage
  • Provide a social wage for the unemployed
  • Tie some of the social grants for the able-bodied to community service which will allow them to gain skills and experience while contributing to community wellbeing
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