Public Transport, Toll Free Roads and Fuel Subsidies for Productive Activities


  • Provide Adequate Public Transport for Citizens

The provision of adequate and safe public transport will constitute one of the key objectives of an AZAPO government national policy. The current road infrastructure is poorly planned and cannot meet the demands and needs of a growing 21st century AZANIA.

Inner cities are characterised by lack of parking, insecurity as a result of crime, high incidence of potholes, the incapacity of roads to carry the growing number of cars leading to a high number of road fatalities.

An AZAPO government would immediately install a National Transport Agency (NTA) that would, in conjunction with communities and pertinent stakeholders, review transport legislation with a view to decreasing fatalities on our roads, which have reached catastrophic levels.

  • Reduce the Cost of Public Transport and Link Services

The current Rapid Bus Transit system is expensive and disarticulated with the other mass transit systems. An AZAPO government will ensure that we expand the public transport system, as the current and exponential growth in the private car market is unsustainable and ecologically unsound due to the high incidence of carbon emissions.

All the various forms of passenger transport from aviation, rail networks, maritime, luxury coaches, buses, taxis and private cars would be integrated into a seamless national transport system. The current system is disjointed at local, provincial and national level.

In order to reduce traffic jams on our roads, an AZAPO government would introduce limited controlled-access highways in traffic-congested areas in provinces such as Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

The presence of trucks – associated with additional traffic congestion, damage to roads, high number of traffic accidents, increased carbon dioxide emissions – carrying goods has accentuated the need to accelerate the road to rail freight strategy, in order to limit congestion on our roads.

An AZAPO government will to away with E-Tolls and fund the national roads network from the public fiscus.

An AZAPO government will also provide subsidies to mass transport and economic productive transport systems such as busses, trains, combis and taxis for migrant’s labourers as a way to alleviate transport costs on workers and the poor. This will also be done to force behavioural change to curb the unsustainable growth in the private car market.

The railway system – goods and passengers – will once again become an integral feature of our national transport system, to support production, development and growth.

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