Reinventing Government

AZAPO believes in government, as an institution! We believe in the absolute necessity of government and its ability to:redress the evils of apartheid, fight poverty, ensure the social security of the poor and marginalized, protect the vulnerable and theenvironment, provide education and healthcare to all, build the infrastructure of this country and provide safety and security, spur and support economic growth, among other things.


However, like any institution, government is as effective as the people who lead it. The ruling party has clearly shown how government and its institutions can be captured and used for individual and party political needs. In the past twenty years we have seen how the government has been used to dole out patronage in the form of jobs for friends, and corruptly awarded tenders. AZAPO believes government can work efficiently, without wastage of resources.However, it needs to be reinvented.

AZAPO believes Provincial Governments are simply a site of wastage, inefficiency and corruption. Provincial Governments areanother avenue for dispensing patronage. Therefore anAZAPOgovernment will:

  • abolish provincial governments and replace them with administrators answerable to the national government.
  • Ensure that these administrators work closely with the local sphere of government, allowing for faster and effective service delivery.
  • Strategically deploy public servants who were employed in provincial government to local government and thereby inject much needed skills in the local government sphere.
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