Science, Technology and Innovation


  • Technology Must Serve People and Development

AZAPO believes that the present science and innovation systems should be examined in terms of the extent to which they respond to the fundamental problems afflicting Black people and society more generally. We should examine whose agenda the innovation systems and the supporting research programs are fulfilling. As well as ask questions around which dominant modes of knowledge production, and development trajectory they are likely to lead to.

The primary goal of an AZAPO science, technology and innovation system is that such a system must be utilised to attend to matters of inequality, poverty and joblessness; and toward the general improvement in the condition of life our people.

  •  Meeting the Challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution

AZAPO will respond to and embrace the challenges of The Fourth Industrial Revolution characterised not so much by changes in technology but by the manner in which it connects people with technology.

An AZAPO government will also encourage investment into research and development in the nanotechnology industry with a view to heightening the efficacy of its use, while establishing mitigating measures against exposure by researchers and the population to its micro nanoparticles.

Above all, an AZAPO government will invest heavily in systems of innovation, especially those that help to make technology efficient, productive and developmental, such as Artificial Intelligence and ‘The Internet of Things’.

  • Build a Science, Technology and Innovation Value Chain to Advance Our Society

A science and technology value chain, which begins from cradle to grave, will be developed to ensure that our country remains scientifically competitive and technologically advanced.

Schools, Technical and Vocational Colleges, as well as universities will constitute component parts of such a seamless and integrated system of science, technology and innovation.

Talented pupils, academically excellent students and exceptional researchers will be identified and supported financially and materially, for advanced study at local and international universities and research institutes. They will be challenged to produce new knowledge through scientific study and research for national development.

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