Sports and Recreation Policy for a Free Azania


  • Promote the Right of Every Citizen to Participate In Sport

It is the right of every Azanian citizen to be involved in sport and recreation. This will constitute the major plank upon which an AZAPO national sports policy will be anchored. Sports and recreation are social tools in the fostering of national unity, social solidarity and community life.

South African citizens have been on opposing sides of a polarized country where sports and recreation was performed along racial lines. A central tenet of our future policy will be the transformation of sport in our country. The past introduction of quota systems has failed to produce any positive results.

  • End Discrimination and Unfair Privileges in Sports

The view that talent should precede race consideration seems to have slowed down attempts at transformation. However, there are anecdotes and reports on how talented Black sports persons have been overlooked by national selection committees in the various sporting codes.

An AZAPO government will review current legislative provisions with a view to introducing anti-racist policies and genuine representation in all sporting codes, in accordance with national demographics.

It is not hard to see that sport codes such as cricket and rugby, which are touted to be historically white sports, are the ones that are massively funded for development to the detriment of other less commercialised sports.

  • Promote Indigenous Sports and Games, and Make Sports an Integral Part of Communal and National Life

An AZAPO government must remain steadfast in introducing policies that would prioritise the development of recreational facilities in both urban and rural communities; and the mass inclusion of Black People in all forms of sport and recreation.

We shall introduce sporting academies for all sporting codes and encourage the young and the old to be involved in recreational activities to bolster their chances of national participation and selection.

AZAPO will develop and foster indigenous sports and games such as dibekeintongamorabaraba as part of promoting communal and national sports development and maintaining A Healthy Body In A Healthy Mind.

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