Season’s Greetings from the President of the Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO), Cde Strike Thokoane

New Year 2019


It is only a number of hours before many will be happy to see the back and end of 2018. A turbulent year indeed with scandals of unprecedented proportions being exposed. For it is during this year that the most horrendous experiences of maladministration and mismanagement of state resources was revealed, pointing to serious problems in all sectors of our society.

Cadre deployment rot and corruption were laid bare in the education, health, housing, service delivery and savings bank sector. As if learning under trees and mud schools was not bad enough 2018 saw more school children dying in toilets. Families losing their loved ones in the Life Esidimeni scandalous saga at the hands of a callous and uncaring MEC of Health in Gauteng. MEC Qedani Mahlangu continued with “her studies abroad” as Life Esidimeni death toll continued to rise.

The stealing of hard earned savings of poor families and the most vulnerable citizens shocked us even further with the VBS scandal.The Nugent and Zondo Commissions exposed very senior government officials’ involvement in acts of corruption. The VBS bank scandal also saw those who claim to be on the side of the poor being involved in looting the meager life savings of the same poor people.

Racism continues to rear it’s ugly head once again in the country. The government appears to be too weak to attend to it. The Clifton beach case is just but one example. There are many such incidents that remain unexposed. It is equally sad and depressing to note that the year ended with fatalities on our roads as people were travelling around the country to be with family and friends as they enjoy the festive season.

As we usher the year 2019, AZAPO wishes the people of AZANIA a prosperous year that will be characterised by:-

1. Good health: which does not only mean absence of disease but the following of healthy lifestyles found in them engaging in physical exercise more often and a religious observance of good primary health care practices.

2. Vigilance and care on the roads especially by those who have to travel back home and in preparation to earn a living at their workplaces to be extra careful on the roads. People are urged to avoid drinking and driving as well as drinking and walking on the roads.

3. Counseling to be given to those matriculants who would not have made it when the results are announced to note that failure is not the end of the road as there are other alternatives

4. Accelerated programs aimed at addressing the land question.

5. AZAPO urges all people of voting age to register to vote on the 27th – 28th January 2019 in order to put their “X” on the ballot paper when the time comes.

6. Lastly, AZAPO wishes Banyana-Banyana to do well in their endeavors on the world stage.


Strike Thokoane
President of the Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO)
Monday, December 31, 2018

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