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Date : 08 October 2019

AZAPO would like to extend condolences to the family, the school, and the broader community of Sebokeng over the demise of a learner killed at school by a fellow learner.

It is very unfortunate that we continue to experience loss of life in areas that are meant to equip and nurture our children without any plan in mind to make schools safe.

This is basically the results of the systematic depoliticisation of our learners and feeding them education that detaches them from reality and the ubuntu concept which is critical in bringing humane practices into the classroom.

We once more appeal to the government to put up a Black Consciousness orientated curriculum into our education system to ensure that our learners appreciate themselves and see value in schooling.

The government must take responsibility for failing to provide meaning to what our children are being exposed to at schools. We can not afford to have our schools being reduced to a predator – prey level were learners instead of learning they jostle each other for space.

It is also unfortunate that mostly learners from the then township schools are the ones who continue to be killed and get maimed in this manner. This is primarily because our system, even many years after 1994 is still skewed towards the privileged.

Issued by AZAPO Department of Publicity and Information
For enquiries: Meshack Galekhutle, AZAPO Secretary for Education
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