AZAPO Voice Volume 4 Issue No 20

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OURS IS BASICALLY A STRUGGLE AGAINST COLONIALISM We have repeatedly stated that our liberation struggle is a struggle against colonialism. Some amongst us may dismiss this as an outdated approach. They are quick to say that the current government uses colonialism and apartheid as…

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AZAPO Voice Volume 4 Issue No 19

WE REMEMBER SHARPEVILLE March 21, 1960 is the date that marked a turning point in our struggle against colonialism and apartheid. Until then, leaders of the liberation movement believed that the settler-colonial regime could be persuaded to abandon its racist and oppressive policies through…

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AZAPO Voice Volume 4 Issue No 17

USE THE POWER OF THE VOTE It is completely understandable why many South Africans would support the idea of a total shutdown as proposed by one of the political parties represented in parliament. Already one of the major trade union federations, the South African…

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