AZAPO held a National Council at the Lay Ecumenical Centre in Pietermaritzburg on the 1 – 2 December 2018. National Council is a policy discussion forum that is held once in every two year cycle. It reviews existing policies and formulates new ones. These are then tabled at National Congress for consideration and adoption. The following papers were discussed at the 2018 National Council:

  1. Black Consciousness as an Organic Product for the Pursuit of Liberation
  2. Strategies and Tactics for AZAPO and Black Consciousness Movement under conditions of Neo-Apartheid and Intensifying Capitalist Exploitation
  3. Poverty and Inequality in South Africa: The Enduring Legacy of Apartheid and the Manifestation of Current Failures
  4. Science, Technology and Innovation for Liberation and Development
  5. The Political Economy of Exclusion within South Africa
  6. Combating Crime
  7. Education
  8. Violence against Women and Women Rights
  9. AZAPO’s Strategic Advance toward 2019: A Minimum Programme of Engagement
  10. AZAPO Social Policies